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Veness Family

I am looking for details of Frances VENESS in the Battle area b. circa 1786, possible mother of Hannah HONEYSETT b. circa 1818 (one of eight children). I am trying to identify and find further info on Frances, her mother and her grandmother. If anyone could help, I’d be most grateful!

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    I have a friend who is starting his family history he said his wifes surname is Veness she was born in birmingham is there any one there with the same connections Regards John T Smith

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    Hello John. My wife’s mother is from one of the Birmingham branches of the Veness family. I have some information if it would be of interest. All the best. Jeff Hobbs.

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    I would be interested in any information you have regarding the Birmingham Veness family that I could pass on to my freinds.
    Many Thanks, John.

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    Hello John, Please email me at [reveal email] , all the best, Jeff.

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    I am rewriting my family tree. Does someone know when the name changed to De Venoix to Venis or Veness? My Grandmother on my father’s side is a Veness and a direct descendant it seems to Nicholas De Venoix

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    I am a direct descendent of Nicholas Venis (Nicholas De Venoix) born around 156o in France, along my father’s line.

    I have not yet found out why/when he arrived in Sussex and am not sure how to find out any history prior to Sussex as apparently all French records were destroyed in the French revolution. I was told by French colleagues that even they can’t trace their family history – unless a Hugenot.

    Apparently records exist of members of the De Venoix family from/after the Norman Invansion onwards.

    Nicholas Venis married Katherine (maiden name and place of birth unknown). She died 24th April 1612 in Brightling. Nicholas died ‘after 1563’.

    I Would love to find out details of how they lived / what they did for a living.

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    Hi Carole,

    My family line comes from Issac and Mary too through Issac. I’m excited you have a wife’s name for Nicholas. How did you find it? I recently had my DNA checked and it was fascinating reading.


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    Hi Ann,

    My cousin found the wife’s name and date of death as 24 April 1612, Brightling.

    Yes it must be fascinating, I’ve thought about having mine done too.


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    Hi Heidi,

    I think De Venoix became anglicised quite quickly after Nicholas and his brothers came to Rye.

    Some of the descendants moved to the Deptford area of London with Isaac (1727-1803) around the 1760’s and the name then to change to VENUS.

    Which is my surname now!

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    Hi Carole,

    The story goes that Nicholas and his brothers Robert and Thomas rowed across in a little boat from Normandy and landed at Rye. They were Hugenots and fleeing persecution in France. So maybe there are still some records to be had in France if Hugenot records still exist.
    I have Nicholas marrying Jane Wade (1562-1597), but two of Nicholas’s children, Thomas and Henry seemed to have been born in 1600, after Jane’s death. So, perhaps he married again to the Katherine you mentioned. I don’t have a date of death for Nicholas, so he could have survived Jane by a few years.

    Hope this helps,


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    Ann – Do you have atDNA results you can share on GEDmatch?

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