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Westfield Place

I was born at the Stables, Westfield Place in 1927 when my father was employed by the then occupier of Westfield Place.

Can anyone tell me who that was, please?

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    During the war and earlier, Westfield Place was owned by Sir Harry and Lady Newton. He was the son of the Lord Mayor of London and had a magnificent collection of first edition books there. I suspect he had the place built. His son Jeremy was killed at Salerno. When I was a child during the war there were no longer any stables. They used to send the chauffeur out (who drove like a maniac) to round up the children to come and play in the great ballroom set out with farm and train sets. There were wonderful Christmas parties and Guy Fawkes fireworks. He had many shares in Harrods. Later it was owned by the Sims-Hilditchs who dynamited the ballroom. I lived in Westfield, then Brede, then Catsfield, being born in 1937.
    Julia Bolton Holloway

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    Might be just replying to the wind here – four years later – but if Peter Buller is still looking for Westfield Place information we might be able to help a little …

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    Have just come across this email thread.
    Sir Harry and Lady Newton bought Westfield Place in 1933, so were not the owners at the time of the birth of the originator of the thread.

    Thank you for the memories!

    Jeremy (grandson)

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    My great grandfather was a groom and domestic at Westfield place in 1901. His wife and my grandfather also lived there. Harry John skipper. Is Westfield place still there. What kind of building was it. 10 years later he is working as a coachman in Chelsea London. Anyone help me?

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    I think you used to live at ‘Derbys’ just down the road frm Tanyard Where my 3 brothers and I lived from 1942 till 1948.
    Mr Shorey was the name of the chauffeur but I don’t remember him driving madly. I remember Lady Newton well; we used to go fishing in the lake where I caught my first pike.

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    Hello Amanda, I have just come across this message. Whilst searching for historical information about Westfield Place which my family have occupied for the last 40 years. If you get this message I would be delighted to hears from you if you have any information I might follow up or stories or best of all photographs.

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    Hello Jeremy, Seven and a half years later, I have just come across your message, whilst looking for historical information about Westfield Place that has been our family home for the last 40 years. If you have any information I could follow up or stories or best of all photographs I would be delighted to hear from you. Giles

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    Dear Francesca, The wind has replied. I have just found your message whilst looking ofr information on Westfield place which has been our family home for 40 years. If you have any information i might follow up or Stories or best of all photographs I would be delighted to hear from you. Giles

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    I have info on Westfield Place from the 1960/70s when I was good friends with the daughter of the household and spent a lot of time there…..
    and to show what a small world it is, I met Julia Bolton Holloway (the first person posting on this thread) in Firenze, 6-7 years ago and discussed St Mary’s with her. Very unexpected connection!

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    Hello Celia,
    Small world indeed. I would very much like to hear any information you have. Can I contact you?

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    Hello Giles,
    Yes, of course. If you give me contact details, I’ll text or email my mobile number. C

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