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Mariam Josefine Trejo Sabag: Hi there!!,

I just read your post in the battle site. Kind of old actually but great to know you are a KEANE fan too!! I was lucky enough to visit battle about a month and a half ago.. I’m from Chile btw, so i included this place into the places i HAD to visit during my holidays over the UK.

Great town, lovely ppl and i’m planning to move there eventually too!! i visited too many places but this one was the most special, not only for TTR but because of the people, everyone was so nice that i felt in home..

Did u succeed in your plans?.. plz let me know.. and we can keep in contact!!

btw.. If somebody else reads this post.. Congrats for your amazing town and for being so nice! KEANE rules and they are just the reflection of Battle!


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