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Jam Factory

Can anybody please tell me what the name of the jam factory was and what street it was in. My aunt worked there for many years and I am trying to find out a bit more about it.

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    Hi Jacqui

    It was called Newbery’s and my Grandfather and parents and an aunt all worked there too.

    The factory was in the High Street and originally was Newbery Bros (Battle) Ltd but later changed to Newbery Preserves. The factory closed c1980 and the site went for development and is now Abbey Court. A wrought iron sign Newbery Preserves was erected above the entrance to Abbey Court in memory of the factory.

    I hope this is useful. Info taken from the book ‘ A Tapestry of Battle’ by The Battle Writers’ Group.

    Best wishes

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    Hello Jacqui,

    The head of the firm at the beginning of the 20th century was my Great Grandfather, Joseph Newbery of Forest View, Battle. He had a large family. My Grandmother, Rosie, was his eldest daughter. She was married in the Congregational Church in the High Street (now a deli, I think) in July 1909. The firm made very nice jams and bottled fruit.

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    As a teenager in the 60s I worked there briefly. No idea how I got there from Brightling, a very poor bus service.
    sometimes the smell of jam pervaded the whole town. Much nicer than the smell of the Tannery though (can’t find out a lot about this).

    I remember the kerfuffle when M and S were due to visit and inspect. Much cleaning, reminder of the rules for workers.Yes, nice, high-end jam. I don’t recall getting a discount – maybe not there long enough? (Holiday job)

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